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Announcing SOCAP Assembly: Connect, Discuss and Build All Year-Round

SOCAP Global August 26, 2021

The Social Platform for the Impact Movement Is Now Available for Everyone

Dear SOCAP Community, 

A big part of SOCAP’s magic has been the opportunity to meet valuable strangers and develop unlikely allies. These moments have helped transform thoughts to actions and grown the impact movement. They are what makes the SOCAP community a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

If you’ve attended a SOCAP conference at Fort Mason, you’ve sat at the picnic tables outside Festival Pavilion, where you could meet old friends and bump into strangers who would become new ones, all while sipping coffee and gazing at the San Francisco Bay.  We all missed that so much last year.  

Our virtual events, including the upcoming SOCAP21, continue to bring together those innovating at the forefront of what’s possible in impact, and our online event platform provides multiple opportunities to network and create new relationships. But we wanted a way to nurture those relationships, to offer the community a place to connect between events. We also wanted to lower barriers to engaging with the community more fully. Although we provide plenty of scholarships, many of our events remain out of reach for large portions of our community. By recreating the SOCAP magic on Assembly, we hope to enable this community to connect more deeply and more broadly than before. The time for more collaboration is clear — we need to all work with each other and join forces to build something incredible, together. 

That’s why we are introducing our new online SOCAP Assembly, a platform to meet valuable strangers who become unlikely allies at a greater scale than ever before.  Everyone is welcome to join the conversation — old friends and newcomers alike. It’s free, and it’s available year-round!

The Assembly is a place to come together in shared purpose. It is a platform we aspire to build for you — and with you. Today, you can network, post content, and interact with content others have posted. You can share about yourself and your organization, post resources, questions, thoughts, and advice. You can explore what our collective community is working on, learn from others to help accelerate your own impact, send direct messages, and follow other members. We have a main discussion group and sub-groups broken out by themes. It’s a bit like a social network but focused entirely and exclusively on our impact community.  

We have set up private groups for conference ticket holders to make connections ahead of the conference, and to continue the conversation afterwards. If you are engaging in the chat during a SOCAP21 panel, for example, you can direct message the others you’ve been chatting with in SOCAP Assembly by finding them in this conference-specific group. This enables you to stay connected and bring more folks into the action, even after the conference ends. Over time, we have many ideas of where this could go, and we would love to hear yours as well

Welcome to SOCAP Assembly! Let’s build it together. 


Equity and Inclusion / Impact Investing / Social Entrepreneurship / Stakeholder Capitalism
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