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8 Ways to Network at SOCAP21 Virtual

SOCAP Global October 5, 2021

Take Action and Create Connections with SOCAP21 Features and Tools

SOCAP is known for being a place to meet valuable strangers — new acquaintances whose interests align with your own and who offer skills and assets that could make a positive impact on your work. As you strike up conversations with others in the SOCAP community, you will discover many individuals who share your vision for change. Prepare to dig deeper, listen thoughtfully, ask more questions during SOCAP21, which will be held virtually on Oct. 18-20 this year. You may discover a new ally, mentor, partner, or friend. 

Some of the most interesting SOCAP conversations are the ones that happen off-stage between attendees. We all have more than a year’s worth of experience on networking in this virtual world. Let’s put that to use!

To help you get the most from your SOCAP21 Virtual experience, here we’re sharing eight ways to engage in spur-of-the-moment conversations, after-hour get-togethers, thoughtful discussion threads, and even on-stage Q&As with our panelists and presenters. (If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time before the event kicks off — sign up here!)

Things You Can Do Before SOCAP21 Virtual

1. Get registered on the SOCAP21 Virtual group in SOCAP Assembly (find the event group link in your registration email) to meet other attendees and the broader SOCAP community. You can filter group members to see others near you or those who recently joined. Follow specific topics or join a group to find people who share your interests and allow them to find you! You can reach out to any member at any time — no need to wait for the event to start.

2. Strike up a conversation by posting in a group discussion board or responding to someone else’s post. 

3. Suggest a group for specific conversation and serve as moderator. 

Things You Can Do During SOCAP21 Virtual

4. Video chat one-on-one through the event platform with attendees at any time during SOCAP21. See a comment in a session chat and wish you could learn more about that person and their organization? This tool allows you to do just that.

5. Use the matchmaking tool to get connected randomly with other attendees for a video chat. (This is the closest to meeting a new friend in the buffet line as possible during a virtual event!) This year, we’ve set dedicated time for networking in the agenda — be sure to make the most of it. 

6. Attend a scheduled networking session, whether it be a morning breakfast or an evening happy hour. 

7. Participate in a breakout session and collaborate with others who share your interests on the presented issue or topic. SOCAP21 is designed to help everyone take action and create new connections — this is one great way to jump-start that opportunity.

8. Speak up! Share your thoughts during mainstage sessions and in chats. One of the core SOCAP principles is elevating the wisdom of the crowd. Help bring that wisdom to the forefront by joining the presenters on-stage or chatting directly with other attendees during a session and throughout the week. 

We look forward to seeing you all online, October 18-20, 2021, at SOCAP!

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