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Consider the Why, What, and Who to Shape Your SOCAP Open Submission

SOCAP Global February 19, 2024

A Money + Meaning Podcast with Robert Munson and Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter of SOCAP Global

As the global impact community evolves and expands, so does SOCAP Global’s annual flagship conference. One key element is SOCAP Open, which invites the impact community to submit session proposals and brings new voices and differing perspectives to SOCAP24

SOCAP Open offers individuals and organizations the chance to showcase innovative ideas, delve into impactful solutions, and open conversations about pressing issues on the SOCAP24 stage. With the SOCAP Open 2024 submission period open through March 15, two members of the SOCAP team sat down for a Money + Meaning podcast conversation on guidelines and updates for this year’s process. 

“SOCAP was and is designed to elevate under-represented voices,” said SOCAP Global President Robert Munson. “It’s what we’re all about — making sure that we have eyes on the issues that matter most and the opportunities that are out there in the world.”

To ensure the conference best serves the SOCAP community, Arevalo-Carpenter said the SOCAP Global team incorporated feedback from previous conferences and evaluated how SOCAP Open was serving its purpose. “SOCAP has always been considered this ‘front door’ to impact, or a ‘big tent.’ It’s a place where anyone who is new to impact or impact investment in general can come and really discover their place,” she says. “But they can also come and show us new initiatives where we can all collectively learn.” 

The updated SOCAP Open guidelines reflect the goal of providing an entry point for new voices and fresh perspectives on-stage at SOCAP24. To help create a more equitable selection process and encourage quality over quantity, Arevalo-Carpenter said organizations are limited to two SOCAP Open submissions. The 2024 guidelines also encourage creativity through interactive session formats that allow attendees to share ideas, explore new concepts, and exchange information. “We are earmarking specific slots for proposals that use forms other than panels,” she said. 

During the Money + Meaning podcast, Arevalo-Carpenter shared several tips for preparing SOCAP Open proposals to help submitters stand out from hundreds of other submissions:

  • Start with the why. Consider the goal of your session — to educate or share and inspire — and why now is the time to engage with the SOCAP audience on your topic. 
  • Determine what format is best for your topic among the options in the guidelines. For example, panels are limited to three speakers, who should come from varied organizations and offer different perspectives. Other formats include fireside chats, workshops, “brief and bold” sessions, and delegate-led meetups that bring together a small group of engaged attendees around a specific topic. 
  • Be thoughtful about the who. Sessions should include diverse participants who will bring a range of experiences and encourage global perspectives on a given issue. In addition, consider who will be in the room — a larger audience or a small group?

Learn more about SOCAP Open 2024 and submit your ideas!

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