Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

 12:00 AM - 8:15 AM PDT

The Five Ways that Help Enterprise Support Organizations and Funders Create more Impact

Why are some enterprise support programs highly effective and others less so? Growing evidence in the field and academia increasingly reinforces five distinguishing characteristics. Simple, cost-effective, changes in relation to these characteristics have been found to improve an entrepreneur's journey to success and their enterprise's ability to create impact.

This session will showcase the role these characteristics have played as two leading entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) successfully increased and scaled their impact, and how two funding organizations have integrated the characteristics in their thinking and doing to boost the impact of their funding.


Allie Burns


Village Capital

Alexandra Salas

Chief Program Officer

Business Council for Peace (Bpeace)

Nicholas Colloff

Executive Director

Argidius Foundation

Karina Wong

Head of Investments

Small Foundation

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