Transforming Corporate Finance to Regenerative Finance, through an ESG Lens

November 8-10, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
New York City

Transforming Corporate Finance to Regenerative Finance, through an ESG Lens

Two days of practical applications for: 

Risk Assessment, Systems, Science-Based Targets, Decision Making & Integrated Reporting

November 8-10 – @ Fordham University in NYC

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VISION: Transforming finance to regenerative finance; shifting to balanced, multi- stakeholder business models within ESG frameworks, in order to create a regenerative future for all humanity.

THEME: Focused on the practical / operational aspects ESG innovation and integration, sessions will include risk assessment and mitigation, science-based targets, internal decisioning systems, integrated external reporting, investor relations, and interface with institutional investors.

TARGET AUDIENCE: CFOs, IR professionals, FP&As, Controllers, Institutional Investors,  and the overall professional services sector.

VENUE: Fordham University, New York City


2021 Themes:

Transformation to a regenerative finance function; shifting to balanced, multi-stakeholder business models within ESG frameworks, in order to create a regenerative future for all humanity.

Risk Assessment, Mitigation & Management

Look at risk through the lens of:

  • Sub-merged (unk)
  • Externalities
  • Third-Party
  • The intersection of the 6 Capitals

Comprehensive Systems Strategy

An ESG Based Systems of Systems:

  • Design
  • Interoperability
  • Ontology
  • Open-Source
  • Technical Solutions

Science Based Targets

The How and Why of Science Targets:

  • Context Based
  • Value Balancing
  • Comprehensive Design
  • Integration of Science-Based Goals with Financial Objectives

Internal Decision Science

An ESG Based Systems of Systems:

  • Integrating the C-Suite
  • Strategic Intent
  • ESG Leadership
  • Regenerative Economics
  • Lower Cost of Capital

Integrated External Reporting & IR

Creating a Reporting Framework:

  • ESG with Finance
  • IR Communications
  • How to pick the right  reporting framework
  • Institutional Stakeholders
  • The 5th Qtrly Call










Your Integrated Experience

Engaging Breakouts That Inform & Help Activate: Case Studies on Technology  Solutions for Integrated Reporting.

Inspiring Plenaries: CFO focus on C-Suite Integration – Environmental, Social, and Governance  innovation, on a global scale.

Demonstrations, BRT Workshop, the ESG IR Roadshow: Learn how brands are increase business performance, through the ESG lens.

Equipping & Co-Creation: Working Groups, Roundtables, Executive Education and Professional Development (CPE).

Together, Our Community: Corporate Members, Affiliate Members, Service Organizations, NGO’s and Academia convene for a Regenerative Future.

Check out last year’s event.

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Be a part of the future

“Our goal is to build a company that not only can last another 167 years, but one that is worthy of doing so.”
Harmit Singh Chief Financial Officer of Levis
“CFOs are now being challenged to place sustainability and regeneration at the heart of financial decision-making [...] scaling up these actions globally will require a transformation in financial decision-making, alongside  changes to traditional accounting practices and education  to empower tomorrow’s leaders to take this forward.”
Mark Kaye Chief Financial Officer of Moody’s  
“Engage your investors - often businesses and investors speak different languages as it relates to ESG. For progress to be made, these two parties must talk and work together. ”
Delphine Gibassier

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