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October 19-23, 2020

We’re excited to announce SOCAP Virtual: A Global Impact Summit.  Join us this October to unlock the potential of global markets for positive impact.

Get your Earlybird Discount today!Register for SOCAP VirtualSPECTRUM Virtual Convening  June 9-11, 2020

SPECTRUM will gather multicultural changemakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and investors from around the country for a virtual event focused on closing the racial equity gap. For three days, the SPECTRUM community will share tools, networks, and knowledge while collaborating on ways we can build new systems that support and drive capital to leaders of color and increase access, embrace inclusion, and drive impact in communities across the country.Watch the SPECTRUM 2020 sessionsRadical Collaboration

This series will elevate stories of partners coming together in unconventional ways to solve for critical issues and drive impact. We’ll highlight examples that inspire and offer insights, tools, and ideas where market-based solutions are busting open silos and working across sectors in new ways. LIVE Q&As

Designed to be a rapid response format for tapping into cutting-edge thought leaders and the wisdom of the crowd around timely topics. Your questions and resulting discussion will reflect attendees top-of-mind needs.CONVERSATIONS WITH SIR RONALD COHEN

As we come upon the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s Shareholder primacy letter to the New York Times on September 13. 1970, we find our world and most if not all of its systems to a degree, crumbling. Climate crisis, pandemic woes, ever widening wage gap, demand that we create, reimagine the economy and the ecosystems around it. “Social justice must dictate our economic response”. Shifting to a stakeholder economy can get us to a solution. Nothing short of an “Impact Revolution” will do. Sir Ronald Cohen together with others in the impact ecosystem will tackle and share recommended solutions that each stakeholder group can implement. Impact Investing is critical to our success. If done correctly and collaboratively, we will rebuild a new and better world, one that is socially just and safe for our planet.Learn moreCurated Networking Events

Build your impact network. Staying connected with colleagues in the impact economy is more important than ever. SOCAP helps you connect with old friends, and lets you make new connections to accelerate your work and impact. These events will provide a variety of formats through which to connect and grow your impact community.Lightning Bolts

Powerful, short format, multimedia, inspiring stories from influential trailblazers centered around a reflection or provocation. These speakers will challenge us to take action and do what’s needed to be the leader, create the companies and invest in the communities we want to see in the world.Fireside Chats

Moderated intimate conversations bring together industry thought-leaders.  Not your typical dialogue, we will get below the surface to share stories, inspiration and insights.    Bring any of your questions to us and hear what these leaders have to say.Innovation Circles: Entrepreneur and Investor Meet-ups 

Sparking connections between entrepreneurs and investors to discover mutually impactful relationships. Based on the ancient tool of story circles we will provide an environment for investors and entrepreneurs to get to know each other through narrative and relationships. Designed with results in mind, we will provide a platform for showcasing enterprises and market-based solutions to our world’s most pressing problems. SOCAP 365 Virtual June 25 Local Economy Resilience 

Local conversations reimagined for a virtual setting. In the presence of COVID-19, we have the opportunity to equitably restructure economies, neighborhoods, and systems. This convening will focus on what needs to change to build the truly inclusive local economies that we aspire towards. Taking a hyperlocal view, we will discuss capital access, power dynamics, resilience, self-care, and other facets driving change. Join the conversation around how communities, investors, and businesses are adapting, and what we can learn from thought leaders around the country.Learn MoreTotal Impact Portfolio Challenge Finals 

The Total Impact Portfolio Challenge is a year-long, graduate student impact investing competition run by Total Impact and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. In the finals, the top 4 teams will present their 100% impact lens portfolio, along with their investment rationale, to a panel of expert judges. This year the teams were tasked with building a portfolio for a $250mm university endowment with a focus on tackling climate change and income inequality. See how some of the top graduate students in the country would use the power of capital markets to deliver both financial and social returns.Learn MoreTotal Impact Virtual Series 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dow Jones Industrial Index has just sustained the worst first quarter in its 124 year history. With the growth of impact investing coinciding with the longest bull market run in history, many investors are wondering how impact products will perform in a market downturn. This series, featuring industry experts, will explore the early returns of impact products across asset classes. Bring your questions.Learn more

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