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SOCAP11 Panelist Spotlight: Martha “Pati” Ruiz Corzo, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, Mexico

SOCAP Global August 22, 2011

In SOCAP´s banner, what does the word “Meaning” on the heart represent? It deserves a profound reflexion on redefining and putting meaning in the conscious mind after our hearts have been silenced for so long.  Financial and material values are passing satisfactions whose demands increase geometrically and we all continue to pursue them for life.
Copper coins have clouded the individual social values that satisfy the heart and not just the mind.  A values revolution which will entail a surge of new concepts about our world system is needed. We, as individuals, need to recognise the values that are responsible for the sad state of our society on this magnificent planet.  Modernity has cashed in our collective well-being for a plate of lentils.
Feel the satisfaction in overcoming obstacles and that urgent feeling that sprouts and grows when we allow our own will to flow.  Pleasures, challenges, passion, love and common sense for the common good surge from the bottom of the pyramid and require leverage partners to exercise entrepreneurial  drive. I believe in returns to the heart: the pleasure of sitting in a forest, meditating, letting the wind caress your face, baring witness to the perfection of nature, appreciating the naturalness of our small Earth, feeling at one with it, belonging and reason to live, free from oppressive demands, rules and distant paradigms.
In order to leave this Earth with a peaceful conscience, we must be aware of the fact that we take nothing with us when we die and our children will inherit nothing since we didn´t know how to look after our home, our natural heritage. With pockets full of coins you do not buy well-being, or air or a regulated climate and so often we sell out our peace or true quality of life and leave those we love confined to a terminally ill planet.
I’m alerting you to all of this since we need to reflect on the meaning of the loving heart, full of transformative energy. So with expectant attention, I hope that SOCAP attracts investors seeking more than material returns.

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