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Impact Investing 101 with Rehana Nathoo: Episode 50 of Money + Meaning

SOCAP June 29, 2020

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Rehana Nathoo of Spectrum Impact provides an overview of the field of impact investing

“We’re in a position now where we have a very good evidence base of impact investment products in every asset class…we’ve started to be able to point to each and say ‘an impact investment here looks like x.’”

“At its inception, (impact investing) was really about philanthropic actors creating a new marketplace and it was a highly artificial, cultivated marketplace that wasn’t quite running by itself. Then, somewhere around 2013, we had these massive financial institutions step in because they understood that this was both a product offering in the wealth management space and probably a better way to assess risk. Then, following on their heels, we had these huge corporate entities that were really buying into the risk narrative. ‘If we’re not looking at the role that gender plays in our labor force, maybe we’re not maximizing output.’”

– Rehana Nathoo, Founder and CEO, Spectrum Impact

For our 50th episode, we take it back to the basics. What is impact investing? What does it look like across asset classes and impact areas? Is impact investing inherently concessionary? And, mostly importantly, is it working?

Joining us for this conversation is impact investing thought-leader Rehana Nathoo, Founder and CEO of Spectrum Impact, a strategy consulting firm that supports a range of organizations looking to expand their impact investing footprint. Prior to founding Spectrum Impact, Rehana led the Impact Investing program at the Case Foundation, helped design the Bank of New York Mellon’s Social Finance program and pilot impact investment fund, helped lead the Rockefeller Foundation’s impact investing grantmaking program, and supported partnerships at the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor within Georgetown University’s Global Human Development Program, teaching on impact investing and social finance in emerging markets.  

Featured Voices

Rehana Nathoo
Founder and CEO
Spectrum Impact
Alex Kravitz

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  • Spectrum Impact has released a 4-part modular series around their impact investing strategy design process. Each issue of the toolkit offers concrete ways to begin building your impact investing strategy. The Toolkit is free to download, and can be found here
  • ‘What You Need to Know About Impact Investing’ from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) can by found here
  • Spectrum Impact has a webinar series that includes a range of conversations around impact investing, including “Impact Measurement and Management” and “Delivering Value in a Virtual World”. Watch the whole series for free here
  • Mission Investors Exchange Impact Investing 101 Guide 

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