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How Access, Inclusion, and Impact Can Close the Racial Wealth Gap: Highlights from SPECTRUM on Money + Meaning Episode 29

SOCAP August 27, 2019

A new episode of Money + Meaning, SOCAP’s podcast series, is now available!


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Insights on Access, Inclusion, and Impact Recorded Live in Atlanta

“On a meter between zero and Harriet Tubman, how courageous is my work? Few of us in this room have the luxury to do our work without asking that question.” 
– Marc Bamuthi Joseph

“These entrepreneurs are launching businesses in an environment with many barriers, but they rely on the skills and values that have sustained us through a horrible history. What excites me is to think about what can happen if we apply resources that are available in other communities to these businesses that are on the reservations.” 
–Jessica Stago

“I want to create the place where we get started. And it’s a collaborative model, not a competitive model. I’m excited about all the assets that we are having come on line that are owned or controlled by people that look like me in a city that is 54% African American.” 
–Jay Bailey

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Despite the fact that the fastest-growing population of American entrepreneurs are Black, Latinx, and Native, founders of color are systematically under-recognized and under-resourced in America today. Closing the racial wealth gap will take artists to shift culture, entrepreneurs to innovate new solutions, and equal access to the capital and resources that will be required to bring those solutions to scale.
How can we begin to build new systems that will support entrepreneurs of color? What will it take to build an inclusive impact economy? This past June, SOCAP convened the first ever SPECTRUM event in Atlanta to discuss these challenges and begin building an action plan to solve them. SPECTRUM was a multicultural gathering of changemakers focused on increasing access to necessary capital, tools, and other resources for people who have been historically marginalized, building an inclusive economy, and surfacing solutions that deliver positive social impact. In the latest episode of SOCAP’s Money + Meaning podcast we offer a selection of inspirational and insightful moments recorded live at SPECTRUM.

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Featured Voices

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Vice President and Artistic Director of Social Impact

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Jessica Stago

Director of Business Incubation

Change Labs

Frederick Hutson

CEO and Founder


Nadia Brigham


Brigham Consulting

Jay Bailey

President and CEO

The Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Lindsay Smalling


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