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The Highlight Reel From the World-Changing Women Leadership Workshop

Vanessa Childers October 23, 2019

This year, Conscious Company Media teamed up with its sister brand SOCAP to offer the World-Changing Women Leadership Workshop, a one-day pre-SOCAP 2019 workshop focused on closing the gender gap for women in business — and supporting women to lead in ways beyond the old model of just “acting like one of the guys.”

On October 22, 2019, in Gallery 308 at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California, a powerhouse group of women-identifying social entrepreneurs, founders, investors, intrapreneurs, and business owners convened at the Workshop to not only share wisdom and best business practices but also to foster vulnerable, authentic, and raw conversations about what feminine leadership truly encompasses — and what we cannot possibly continue to not talk about any longer.

With Conscious Company Media co-founder and CEO Meghan French Dunbar and world-class facilitator (and force-to-be-reckoned-with) Jocelyn Macdougall at the helm — and with incredible speakers, relatable stories, heart-felt connection, and breakthrough reflections — the World-Changing Women Leadership Workshop felt like the three-day World-Changing Women’s Summit boiled down to a six-hour convening.

The group chewed on questions like:

  • On whose shoulders do I stand to be here?
  • How do I continue to perpetuate patriarchy in business and in my own life?
  • Where do I source my wisdom?
  • Once we create jobs for women and then step into those positions, how are we (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) when get there?

In the opening session, Dunbar bared her soul on stage, sharing the story of starting and running Conscious Company, as well as her recent struggles as a woman in business — miscarriage, motherhood, losing a key investor and discontinuing the print magazine, and reinventing her business strategy and her team’s values. To kick off what would be a day full of sobering-yet-uplifting wisdom, one attendee put Dunbar’s confessional into an even more encouraging perspective. “I am old enough to be Meghan’s mother,” she said into the microphone during a feedback session.”This change might seem slow, but what Meghan just admitted would never have happened 30 years ago. And a room full of women in business? That never would’ve happened.”

Words cannot express how grateful we are to be a part of this movement, and to experience it with such an amazing group of women who are all willing to share their most vulnerable thoughts about being a woman who leads. We are excited to see how we can move the needle, together, in another 30 years.

Here are our favorite snapshots taken, impressions made, and nutrient-dense sound bites shared from the intimate gathering. Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Kate Spade New York, SurveyMonkey, and Abacus Wealth Partners!

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