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How to Make Connections to Advance Your Mission at SOCAP23

SOCAP Global September 4, 2023

An Insider Scoop on Making the Most of Your Three Days at SOCAP23

SOCAP23 convenes thousands of members of the impact community not only for sessions and learnings but also for connections and opportunities to advance attendees’ individual impact goals. To help attendees make the most of their three days at SOCAP23, the October 23 to 25 event will feature intentional space and time for networking, many that are brand new to this year’s conference. 

“The SOCAP community is generous and welcoming, so this makes networking opportunities unique for newcomers and veterans alike,” said Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter, Executive Director of Strategy and Content at SOCAP Global. “Our advice is to come to the event open to connecting, ready to share people’s passion for what they do, and eager to build connections and trust to achieve a better future for all.”  

The setting at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco provides a variety of physical spaces for serendipitous connections, sit-down chats, and conversations over a meal or coffee, she said. “Weaving a strong fabric of impact-makers is our specialty at SOCAP, so we have been very thoughtful about offering plenty of options to accelerate serendipity, trust, and collaboration,” Arevalo-Carpenter said.

Here’s an overview of some opportunities to greet, meet, and connect with other impact leaders at SOCAP23!

Intentional Group Networking Sessions — New at SOCAP23

Based on commonalities — from having an interest in a specific geography to sharing a particular expertise — the interactive group networking sessions are designed to create connections and accelerate collaboration in a short period of time. Expert facilitators will be on hand to keep things flowing. These sessions are open to all attendees. (Watch for more details when the full agenda is released before the event!)

Delegate-Led Discussions — New at SOCAP23

An evolved version of meetups, this new format is designed for smaller groups of up to 40 people eager to discuss specific topics and issues. The sessions, derived from SOCAP Open submissions, convene impact leaders from across the SOCAP community — yet another way for attendees to connect with other changemakers with common interests. Preview the delegate-led sessions here.

Brella, SOCAP23’s Digital Event & Networking Platform

The conference app not only helps facilitate connections during the event but invites attendees to get acquainted before they get to YBCA. Ticket holders will receive directions on how to access the app a few weeks prior to the event. Its features include:

  • An overview of SOCAP23 attendees, speakers, sessions, and locations to help attendees identify and plan potential connections in advance.
  • A 1:1 matchmaking feature. When attendees first log in to Brella, the app will ask optional questions. Answers will enable the app to recommend potential connections with common interests or fields of impact. Attendees can then easily set up meetings with the suggested connections.
  • In-app messaging to set up meetings, find each other during the conference, and obtain future contact information. 
  • QR code: Connect digitally with others by scanning their QR code — available in the app and on attendee badges.

Serendipitous Encounters

Whether it’s in the coffee line, at a plenary seating, during lunchtime picnics, or at social hours, attendees have the chance to get to know others in the SOCAP community. By convening thousands of global impact leaders in the same space, sharing meals, listening to music, and exploring art together, serendipity is bound to happen!

By participating in these opportunities, attendees can maximize their experience at the event and help the SOCAP community rapidly move forward on impactful solutions to pressing global challenges. As Arevalo-Carpenter said: “You never know what’s possible. A woman that you meet at registration who works in impact investing in Asia may connect you to the precise justice innovation investor in The Hague who’s eager to fund your work — true story!” 

There are still tickets available for SOCAP23! Register today to meet, learn from, and collaborate with impact leaders in San Francisco this October.

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