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Workforce Development Solutions for the Age of Automation: Episode 35 of Money + Meaning

SOCAP November 20, 2019

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Investing in Workforce Tech – Live at SOCAP19

“There’s an automatizing of work and a change that will be taking place…those most vulnerable are the lowest income communities here in this country. We’re building an investing thesis that’s backing companies that are ensuring that all Americans have an opportunity to participate in the opportunity and the good jobs of the future.”
–Amon Anderson

“This is not just robots taking our jobs. This is the power of us as humans and technology together to make a future where we’re really tapping human potential. That’s the excitement I think that I want everyone to hear as opposed to these headlines of fear.” 
–Sonali Kothari, COO, JFFLabs

Analysts are forecasting that robots will soon surpass humans in the jobs race. Though no one can predict exactly how emerging technologies will shape the future of work, we can be sure that workers of the future will need to be able to quickly learn new skills in order to compete in the age of automation. Tech startups are racing to solve critical workforce issues such as these, but how can we ensure that these solutions will close education attainment gaps by race, ethnicity, and income? Many investors are hoping that EdTech solutions (including virtual reality, credentialing, bootcamps and other solutions) will solve the workforce challenges of the future while helping people from all backgrounds qualify for “new collar jobs.” How can impact investors help seed and scale the best, and most equitable ideas at the frontier of workforce tech?

In this episode of Money + Meaning, you’ll hear Jean Shia, Head of Portfolio and Investment, Autodesk Foundation lead a SOCAP19 panel discussion among active investors in workforce tech. Each expert shares their unique approach to investing in the future of work, data and trends that are driving their strategies, and the solutions they are investing in to help ensure that workers are not left behind in the future.

Featured Voices

Amon Anderson

Director, Acumen

Elizabeth Garlow

Investment Officer, Lumina Impact Ventures, Lumina Foundation

Sonali Kothari


Jason Palmer

General Partner, New Markets Ventures

Jean Shia

Head of Portfolio and Investment, Autodesk Foundation

Alex Kravitz


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